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family wishlist

* Hairspray DVD
* gift cards to Claire's
* Disney art books (especially Treasure Planet and Atlantis; there's also The Lion King, Brother Bear, & Pocahontas)
* Tank Girl graphic novels (starting with this one)
* Lyra's Oxford, by Philip Pullman
* Art Deco Fashion
* Japanese Art in Detail & Chinese Art in Detail
* original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVDS (starting with this one!)
* The Incredibles DVD!
(* Blue Sub 6 on DVD)
* cupcake watch from HT!
* Betsey Johnson bag
* black and white checkered bag

loves from panaface <3

Fishing for compliments:

One little compliment can make you feel amazing. So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. And once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind how great you are.

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commissions status journal - round one

Alright people, if you've commissioned me in the first round, this is where you should look for updates on your commission's status. It's also the journal I'll be using the categorize and organize shit so I can help myself stay on top of things. Any additional information or details about your commission should go here, as the other journal entry is getting a tad too cluttered.

1. Commissioner: Gutter (JustRach/x_thor)
Slots: Two
Status: Details and payment received!
Details1: Full body regular commission of Gutter, fully coloured; $25
Progress: Not yet started
Details2: Elongated bust regular commission of Tristen, sketched; $5
Progress: Not yet started
Finalized request received: July 18th
To be completed no later than: July 25th

2. Commissioner: Soro (Codename-Duskfire/dusktodawn
Slots: Two
Status: fully paid for, COMPLETED and SENT
Details1: Full body badge of quad!Dusk, fully coloured, non-laminated; $25
Progress: FINISHED (preview)
Details2: Full body badge of anthro!Dusk, fully coloured, non-laminated; $25
Progress: FINISHED (preview)
Finalized request received: July 14th
To be completed no later than: July 21st

3. Commissioner: Kaili (xsydx/clockworkgh0st)
Slots: One
Details: Regular elongated bust, fully coloured commission of Velouria (details here); $15
Progress: FINISHED (preview)
Finalized request received: July 16th
To be completed no later than: July 23rd

4. Commissioner: Anbessa
Slots: One
Details: Full body, fully coloured regular commission of Anka (German shephard lady; references here and here) in goth gear (details are here); $25
Progress: FINISHED (preview)
Finalized request received: July 16th
To be completed no later than: July 23rd

5. Commissioner: Mizzy (Feathered-Cat)
Slots: One
Status: COMPLETED; to be sent out on Monday!
Details: Full body, full coloured badge of this character, pin-up style; $25
Progress: FINISHED (preview)
Finalized request received: July 19th
To be completed no later than: July 26th


1. Commissioner: tastyeagle
Slots: 1
Status: Details received; reserved for next round
Details: Full body, fully coloured badge of Caspian; $25

2. Commissioner: Sohjin
Slots: 1
Status: Details pending; reserved for next round
Details: Retarded Midwestern housewife!Savvy walking in on Rensis and Hush having gaysex


big huge sale entry!

Okay guys here's the thing: I desperately need two things right now. One of them is money, and the other is to clean out my shit. So, I figured since there are a lot of clothing articles I no longer need or wear for whatever reasons, I'd give you guys an opportunity to buy them first rather than putting them straight to e-bay? Tell your friends or whatever, if you don't want my crap I won't be offended I promise.

All payments go to via PayPal, unless you are sending me concealed cash, in which case, e-mail me at the same address to get my address so you can send it to me. I won't ship anything out until I get payments.

All shipping will be done via USPS unless otherwise requested.

Collapse )

Will add as I get more things. <3 Thanks guys!

Oh PS I also have posters if anyone's interested. Saiyuki, a couple Slayers featuring Naga and her big ol' boobies, Pokeman the Movie 2000, a couple 8.5"x11" G Gundam ones, a couple 8.5"x11" Love Hina Christmas Special ones, and two from Cardcaptor Sakura (one of the girls and one of the boys). I'll probably make a special poster journal later on today. ♥

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avalanche // &gt;:/

myspace notice

Anyone who had me added on MySpace and somehow managed to get my livejournal address: I deleted my MySpace account. POOF. No more AngelaSpace.

Find me here. If you want, comment and ask for my e-mail address. I just might give it to you.

That is all.

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this is for my mommy; everyone else feel free to ignore 8)

MOM. This is a new addition but aaaaaah I want it. D: *flail* Darkwerks: The Art of Brom looks aMAZING. [They also sell it here, since it doesn't appear you can buy it directly through Amazon anymore. ):] I really love Brom and it's not just an art book it's like a semi-biographical artbook and I love it. Nnnngyes. Oh and this is new, too: The Pirate Dictionary. (: LOVE YOU <333

OH HEY THIS IS NEW TOO: Dreams of Terror and Death: The Dream Cycle of H. P. Lovecraft. Not exactly your typical happy cheery book about dreams, but HEY, it's Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman wrote the introduction to it. dfhisughNeilGaiman<33

Aaaaah I want something by H.P. Lovecraft. D: [The Shadow over Innsmouth is what made me interested in his writing, but I haven't actually read anything by him, and a bunch of his stuff looks really interesting, sooo...yeah. I like anthologies. 8)]

Artists' Journals and Sketchbooks: Exploring and Creating Personal Pages

The History of Pirates

American Indian Myths and Legends

Books on Inuit/Northwest Coast Indian art/totems. Books on totems especially.

The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery : Mixed-Media Techniques for Collage, Altered Books, Artist Journals, and More

Alphabetica: An A-Z Creativity Guide for Collage and Book Artists

Knitting/crocheting supplies? D: I hate asking for things I feel like I probably won't use...

Clive Barker things. Books. He makes books. Uuuh, Abarat looks pretty interesting, but I think I trust your judgment. (:

Things with faerie tales/folklore. I also like interesting art books. Art nouveou or however you spell it is really cool. Things that inspire me to create. I like those things.

Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Totem Poles

The Spiderwick Chronicles are pretty cool.

Art involving creepy cool beasties and monsters and such that is dark and weird and raaaawr I like. Like Brom. Brom is cool. The Plucker: An Illustrated Novel is amazing. I like dark weird stuff. Like this. I like gargoyles. 8)

Ooh! Ooh! I like books on mammals. Weeeeird animals, from all different places. Especially ones I haven't heard of. And. Dinosaurs. O: I like dinosaurs. "How-to-draw-mammals"-type books would be super spiffy. I also like breed books (i.e. a book of just cats, all different kinds of cat breeds, or a book of aaall different kinds of dog breeds), especially when they have lots of pictures. Area-specific mammally books are fun, too, like Madagascar or Asia or the rainforest or something.
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This is a general notice to all the poor, unsuspecting artists out there who have fallen prey to my idiotic lurk-adding: my name is Savvy and I come to rape your soul, or read all your journal entries from my proverbial darkened loser corner breathing heavily but never saying anything. <3 Chances are I added you because your art gives me quite the little girlboner, but I refuse to actually talk to you in favour of slobbering in the corner incoherently because I am a horrible, horrible freak incapable of normal human interaction. Just letting you know. Here's my card:

FA: savvymcbatface
DA: savvypanda/bornbruised (old account)
Alias: Savvy, Savvers, Savvs, etc.

I like to rape stalk random unsuspecting anthro artists with sexy arts, to and include anyone I find on FA, DA, VCL, or elsewhere. My powers of perception are BOUNDLESS. My other powers include sudden and unexpected fangirling, idiotic babbling, and the inability to speak coherently.


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(Yes, this was cross-posted on my DA account. The journal entry for that is here.)

Thaaat's right folks, I have now officially become desperate enough to whore myself out for monies! :D SO, here's the low-down:

I'm asking $10 per piece, with one character, full colours and inks and such. This will most-likely be a headshot/upper-body-type-deal, although if you want more/me to spend more time on it, just tack on an extra $2 and we'll call it even. $5 for the sketch only, but I can't promise how clean it'll be (I'm usually pretty messy when I sketch). Aaand I'm gonna just go ahead and blatantly whore all of Liz/lizbeast's commission prices (since I essentially jacked the whole idea from her anyway, a-hurr) and say that I'll do three pics for $25.

I'll only be taking 5 commissions at a time, in order to avoid killing myself. Comment here to reserve yourself a spot. :} (Instructions for comment-leaving are being below!) Once I have confirmed that your spot is saved, please send ze monies to my PayPal account ASAP! I will start working on your commission very soon after I put your name on my little list down there, and I would like to make sure I get paid. ^^

As for content, humans and anthros are both accepted. I can't draw animals very well, unfortunately, so I'm afraid I'll have to turn away any natural-form requests. ): I also work only in Prismacolor markers, so please don't request or expect a computer coloured piece! I do what I can with traditional media, I can't do jack with my computer. x_X Oh and I'll do nudes and raunchy/risque pictures if you'd like, but uh, my pr0n-drawing skills aren't that great, so don't ask for anything too hardcore unless you're willing to take a risk on me. ^^

Examples can be found at my old DA account, here, or at my new account here! :D

Plain and simple like:
1 pic, 1 char, sketch only = $5
1 pic, 1 char, full colour = $10
3 pics, 1 char (each), full colour = $25
+$2 for every extra character (same for sketch and colour)
+$2 for full body

I take ze PayPal only pleez. You may send ze monies to If you need help figuring out how to send ze monies, just note or comment, I can help. (:

Request form:
Character: Name plz.
References/detailed description: I prefer working from reference pictures, but I also work well from written descriptions, so don't be afraid to request something if you don't have an image to show me. (: *
Personality/mood/expression: Telling me a bit about your character's personality will help me know how to draw them better. Just put a few adjectives here and I'm good. :3

*If you are requesting an anthro character and do not have a detailed reference sheet to show me, please tell me what species your character is! I like to use reference pictures of the actual animals, even if it's not always reflected in their facial structure, so this'd help me a lot with drawing things like hands, tails, and feet. (:

Example form:
Character: Xanadu
Reference/description: 1 for general info-type-stuff (tattoos, piercings, etc.), and 2 for colours.
Personality: perverted, likes to tease/pick on boys and basically anyone she can get her hands on, enjoys taunting Slytherins, very suggestive in pretty much everything she does, hits on practically everybody, and enjoys wearing tight, suggestive clothing (i.e. mini skirts and bust-accentuating tank tops)


Yay! :D



Current obsessions: checkered things, and pirates. (See also: swamps, Southern things, Snow Honduran Milk Snakes, bats, gators, and sexy firebreathers.)

Cleaning out my friends list.

Comment if you want me. ♥

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WRITE A POEM ABOUT ME. I do not care HOW RETARDED or HOW SHORT it is, as long as you write SOMETHING. Preferably, something that describes my INNER ESSENCE/your relationship with me/how you perceive me/WUTEVAR to the best of your abilities.


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